Shoshanna Sterling

Age: 22

Birthday: March 1

Shoshanna is a university student, with a strong interest in music and art. As a teenager, she converted to Judaism for a number of reasons, including to honour her ancestors. She struggles with finding balance in her genders and her surroundings, but refuses to give up on her goals.

Shoshanna hopes to become a writer or teacher as an adult, and to be close to the same level of her comic and music idols.



Age: 124

Birthday: ???

Pazaz is a shape-shifting dybbuk and Shoshanna's longtime friend. He can't remember his past life, or what he left unfinished that keeps him on earth. He sees a lot of himself in Shoshanna and has taken to being her guardian.

Pazaz can transform into a man, woman, or a pearlescent eye. As well, he has the ability to possess people, or create illusions.

Marika Peterson

Age: 22

Birthday: January 7

Marika is a university student majoring in education. Her family moved from Nigeria to Saskatchewan when she was a very young child. She loves fashion and designing her own aesthetics, which has made her stand out on campus. She and Shoshanna have been friends since high school, and Marika currently lives with her adoring girlfriend Theresa.

Her life goal is to become a teacher for art or interior design.

Betty Sterling

Age: 52

Birthday: October 13

Betty is Shoshanna's mother, a kindly working woman. She comes from a Roman Catholic eastern Canadian household, and still carries a lot of the habits and traditions. She may hover around her children or heavily dote on them, but she only has the best intentions. Shoshanna's religious transition has taken Betty by a bit of surprise, but she tries to be supportive and learn as they go.

Oscar Stone

Age: 52

Birthday: June 26

Oscar is Shoshanna's mysterious father. He may have a short temper and trouble properly conveying his emotions, but does care greatly about his family. He is hard-working and strong-willed, albeit very self-centrered.

Communication between Oscar and Shoshanna is stilted, to say the least. He was emotionally and psychologically abusive when Shoshanna was younger, which has since driven a wedge between them. He hopes to ease tides, but has no idea how to do it, if it's even possible.

Arthur "Artie" Steinberg
Age: 27
Birthday: June 17
Artie is a cynical surrealist artist, with most of his work revolving around sexuality and antisemitism. He is Ashkenazic, and grew up with a conservative wealthy family while enduring racism from classmates. It's left a mark on him, which he vents through his artwork.
He has only recently been undergoing a style change, and hopes to complete his secret project about the women of scripture.

Tawni Powell & Atsuko Guinto

Ages: 25, 24

Birthdays: August 31, December 14

Tawni and Atsuko are both trying to break into the modelling industry, and are also friends and visual inspirations for Artie Steinberg. The two have bonded over their mutual career path, and are great friends.

Tawni moved to Canada from Jamaica when she was 7. She is tall and naturally athletic, which contributes to her strong self-confidence. Tawni tends to be the older sister type in any group she falls into.

Atsuko's family is from the Philippines, and her interest in shock art usually horrifies her conservative family. She is a bit edgy by nature and always up for something new. Atsuko was named after her Japanese grandmother, which she is proud of, but she detests when anime nerds try to pick her up because of it.